The oil and natural gas products that move through pipelines are an integral part of our modern way of life. From the clothes you wear and the food you eat to the transportation you use, oil and natural gas touch your life in thousands of ways you have never imagined.

Yahoo Finance

‘Do Not Ever Divest of Hydrocarbons’ – Larry Fink; COP-28 in UAE Promises Energy Reality says Friends of Science Society

In a Bloomberg interview in Berlin, Larry Fink of BlackRock said ‘do not ever divest of hydrocarbons’ as they will be with us for a long, long time, bringing energy reality to the fore, says Friends of Science Society.

Wallstreet Journal

Climate-Change ‘Solutions’ That Are Worse Than the Problem

The political assault on fossil fuels comes at the expense of the poor, peace, and the environment.

RealClear Energy

It’s Time Our Elected Officials Focused on ‘Energy Justice’

With record energy prices and spiraling inflation, it’s past time to focus on energy justice and the impacts high prices have on Americans everywhere.