The oil and natural gas products that move through pipelines are an integral part of our modern way of life. Over 6,000 consumer products that we rely on every day are made using oil and natural gas.


This is what a hospital would look like without oil and natural gas. And nobody wants this!

Products made from oil and gas empower healthcare providers to heal wounds, save lives, deliver babies, and keep us healthy.

Hospital Equipment

Including exam tables, beds, bandages, syringes, and ambulances.


Including anesthesia, pill coatings, aspirin, and drug manufacturing.

Life-Saving Medical Devices

Including MRIs, IVs, pacemakers, and vitals-monitors.


The entire agricultural supply chain, including fertilizers, pesticides, planting, packaging, and distribution.

Protective Equipment/Sanitizer

Including hand sanitizer, latex gloves, scrubs, and biohazard containers.

Prosthetic Limbs/Assistive Braces

Including casts, prosthetics, crutches, and artificial hips.

Products made from oil and gas are all around us.

Without them, our lives would be a lot less comfortable.

Kids Beds/Mattresses

Including polyurethane foam, latex, nylon and synthetic fabric.


Including lenses, mineral oils, lipstick, perfume, and makeup.


Including microprocessors, display screens, batteries, and plastic casings.

Jet Fuel

This one’s pretty obvious, right?

Sports Equipment

Including astroturf, protective padding and helmets, balls, goal netting, and stadium seats.

Toiletries/Hygiene Products

Including creams, soaps, toothpaste, and plastic bottles.


Our world would be unrecognizable without oil and natural gas.

You can thank oil and natural gas for providing the things we need today, tomorrow and beyond.

Cell Phones

Including screens, controls, silicon chips, and plastic cases.

Eye Wear

Including plastic frames, contact lenses, and durable polycarbonates.

Car Tires/Roads

Including synthetic rubber and other carbons for tires, and bitumen for asphalt.


Including lightweight ethylene-based foam, synthetic leather, and rubber.

Glass Windows

Including the natural gas used to melt raw materials.


Including nylon, spandex, and polyester, used in more than half of all clothing.

Oil And Gas Are A Part Of Almost Everything We Touch.

Life. It takes Energy.